Thursday, November 27, 2014

Explanation Writing

Library is the best place to go, when it noisy at home or when you want to study peacefully. Library is one special place, you can read a lot of books over there, you can use the wifi or the computer, you can play games and do a lot of staffs at the library. Some library are made out of wood, some are made out of bricks also some are made out of metal. Some library have stairs, but some doesn't. Of course library’s have walls, doors, bathrooms, roof, shelves for books, windows and many others. Every library has an checkout desk to check out peoples books, dvd and many others. In the library there is an children selection, tables, chairs and many others. You can go to the library anytime you want, you can get better education, better English, you can meet up with your friends or buddies to do some study or catch up or do some planning. Library is important because it peaceful, helpful, you can do a lot of learning, you can do some word search. Library is a special place to be because you can do anything there, library is used for learning, education, better English and many others. Hope you understand everything and why it special to me, hope you enjoy learning about my special place and why it so important to me.
Thank You

Friday, May 9, 2014


When I See my mother she looks like the sweetest thing in the world. Everytime I Hear my mother calling, she sound like an angel. When my mother walks past me she smells like sweet yummy chocolate. My mother is an special lady and she is the coolest mum in the world.

Mother’s poem

A mother is a person, who will protect you and keep you safe. A mother is a person, who is there to wash your clothes, make you food to eat, keep you healthy and is always there. A mother is a person, who will take you to place’s you want to go, let you go when she ready. Right from my heart...It has three little words “I love you”.