Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Anzac Vocabulary

POPPY - Flower - Papaverine - Hypnotic - Sleep Inducer - Drug

SOLDIERS - Fighter - Warrior - Guard - Pilot - Officer

WAR -  Battle - Fighting - Struggle - Warfare - Contest

KILL - Murder - Drown - Hit - Hang - Poison

WEAPON - Machine Gun - Knife - Pistol - Shotgun - Sword

Holy Spirit

Beginning of this term my class and I have been learning about the Holy Spirit Strand, this is my brainstorm about the Holy Spirit Strand.

Anzac Letter

Hey students that didn't come to school on Friday,

Anzac mass was amazing and beautiful, everyone gather up with their soul friends and sat down. Everyone sang beautiful and sweet, Mrs Tui and Father said a script from the bible. After that everyone went up to the Eucharist. When the Eucharist was finish everybody sang the final hymn, final hymn was finally finish and everybody came outside to the school grotto. Each class had a reading, when all the readings were finish Ierei played the last post song. Last post song finished and then Ierei played the New Zealand National Anthem. Then we all said the sign of the cross and went back to class, wish you guys were here to see how amazing the mass was.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


H - is for Halamehi
A - is for always 
L - is for Love
A - is for Appreciate
M - is for Manage 
E - is for Effort
H - is for Helping
I - is for Integrity

Thank you mehi for helping us and supporting us we will miss having you around, I will forever cherish our memories we had together. Goodbye for now but as we usually say see you later :)  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Reflection Writing: First Tee

This whole term we have been learning about golf known as First Tee. Mr Thompson was our coach he comes every Wednesdays to train us, Mr Thompson always have two rules and they are to have FUN and always be SAFE. Mr Thompson’s will remind us about the setup we do before hitting the ball and the setup goes like this: Left hand, right hand, feet together, left foot, right foot, pingu, pot and SMASH!

Every week Mr Thompson will always have a word for us to keep, these were some of the words: RESPECT, INTEGRITY, HONESTY, TRUST, COURTESY, OBEY- OTHERS BEFORE YOURSELF.

Our Training with Mr Thompson has been amazing even though some of us didn't really listen to him. Whenever we finish training with him we will always shake hands with him. Mr Thompson is very fun to hang around with he maybe serious sometimes but he is amazing to be with.