Friday, June 28, 2013

Week 8 Reflection

My highlight for this week is reading & inquiry because I like finding out things about animals. I like maths because I am getting better at my time table and using other timetable to solve out the answers.

My lowlight for this week is room six is not working as a team and not listening to the teacher also taking back to other teachers.

I am looking forward for this week is working as a team, helping others and making good choice.

I need to think about the consequences
of my actions because if I make bad choice my family will be worried about my actions that’s why we need to think about the consequences.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Names of God

These are different names of God

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Killer Whale

 Q:What kind of food do Killer Whales eat?
A:Fish:Salmon,Cod,Herring, Hake and Hailbut.
Mammals: Some Killer Whales eats mammals like Seals, Seals Lion, Walruses, Baleen Whales other Toothed Whales and even Sea Otters.
In some place:Some type of Shark and Sea Rays.
Not frequently:Polar Bears, Reptiles and some other Killer Whale.

Q:How long is a Killer Whale?
A: The Orca or Killer Whale, is the largest member of the dolphin family. Male Orca can grow to be 23 feet long and weigh 7 to 10 tons. Female Orca are typically 21 feet in length are weigh 4 to 10 tons.

Q:How long can a Killer Whale pregnant?
A:One year and six months.

Q:Why is a killer Whale called the Killer Whale?
A: They were called 'Whale Killer' by fisherman because their diets consiets of whales and dolphins as well as other things such as seal and penguins.Sooner the words were switched to get Killer Whale.

Q:Does the Killer Whale kill other Whales?
A: They can hurt other Killer Whales even the largest Whale, expect a Bull Sperm which is too dangerous to attack.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Images of the God in the N.T

Mark 14:36

“Father,” he prayed, “my father! All things are possible for you. Take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet not what I want but what you want.”

The image of God in this scripture is that God is like our Father that can do everything thats possible.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Basic Facts

Basic Facts
This week for addition I got 100  right out of 100 and my time was 6:12.
This week for subtraction I got 100 right out of 100 and my time was 8:50  
My goal is to be fast and accurate.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jonny's Visit

What a beautiful sunny day our new speaker came to our door and stand there until we welcomed him to come in. When he came in our class he said hello and told us that he will first tell us all about him. He told us his name and his name is Jonny Wartman he was a graffiti act and he told us that if we want to be successful all we need to do is to follow our dream and one day it will come true like his dream. When Jonny was little he lived at Christchurch near the beach and the beach was always cold it was not hot so he told us that he would love to go to another country and go swim at the beach. Jonny said”when he watch cartoon he likes drawing it but at Christchurch they didn’t have pen and spray and other things. So Jonny goes to his next neighbour and asked them if they can go to a wall that they would be allow draw on and other things. Jonny and his next door neighbour would go there and draw graffiti act things and he loves it so when he grow up he goes and do lots of it and people comes to him and ask him if he can draw him some picture’s and when he finish it they would say to Jonny umm this does not look like the photo I want. So when Jonny do some graffiti act he was always have a practice to see if it works. After that we asked Jonny lots of question and Jonny answer them and he said it was a really good questions. When we finished we went outside with him and he was showing telling us about graffiti and the most important thing is to wear a mask when you are doing graffiti because the spray is really poisonous and you have to wear gloves. Jonny asked us what should he draw and Savelio said”he should draw a sunset so Jonny did and the room seven came out of there class and took some photo’s of it and then they went back inside their class. Jonny draw a beautiful sunset and we asked if we can have it and he said”yes”. So we have the graffiti act in our class hang on our wall here is a photo of it: Check this out :-)
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Math Strategy

I have learned how to work out my 6 x,7 x and 8 x from my 5 x table, I will show you what I mean:
3 x 6 = 18
(3 x 5)= 15 + (3 x 1)= 3
15 + 3= 18

I will show you another time table:
3 x 7=21
(3 x 5)=15 + (3 x 2)=6
15 + 6=21

Basic Facts

Basic Facts
This week for addition I got 100  right out of 100 and my time was 6:38.
This week for subtraction I got 100 right out of 100 and my time was 10:00  

My goal is to be fast and accurate.