Thursday, June 27, 2013

Killer Whale

 Q:What kind of food do Killer Whales eat?
A:Fish:Salmon,Cod,Herring, Hake and Hailbut.
Mammals: Some Killer Whales eats mammals like Seals, Seals Lion, Walruses, Baleen Whales other Toothed Whales and even Sea Otters.
In some place:Some type of Shark and Sea Rays.
Not frequently:Polar Bears, Reptiles and some other Killer Whale.

Q:How long is a Killer Whale?
A: The Orca or Killer Whale, is the largest member of the dolphin family. Male Orca can grow to be 23 feet long and weigh 7 to 10 tons. Female Orca are typically 21 feet in length are weigh 4 to 10 tons.

Q:How long can a Killer Whale pregnant?
A:One year and six months.

Q:Why is a killer Whale called the Killer Whale?
A: They were called 'Whale Killer' by fisherman because their diets consiets of whales and dolphins as well as other things such as seal and penguins.Sooner the words were switched to get Killer Whale.

Q:Does the Killer Whale kill other Whales?
A: They can hurt other Killer Whales even the largest Whale, expect a Bull Sperm which is too dangerous to attack.

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