Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

One lovely day we had Kids 4 Kids Concert. We went to the Telstra Clear Centre in Manukau and there was lots of people there.

I went with my uncle and the twins were there when we got to the place. I saw Catherine, Pepe and Caroline running around. When we stopped the car we got off and hugged Catherine, Pepe and Caroline. After we hugged we went inside to see if Miss G was there but we didn’t see her because she said that she would come at 6:30pm. Lupe, Caroline and I went to the toilet to see if Hola, Pepe and Catherine were there and to tell them that Miss G would come at 6:30pm. I saw Miss G’s car and I told Lupe and Caroline that Miss G was here so Lupe, Caroline and I went to Miss G. We saw her getting out with a big bag with treats for us to eat after we sang. When Miss G came out of her car Hola, Pepe and Catherine were at the door waiting for her so we could go inside and wait for the rest of the kids to come.

When we went inside and waited Miss G gave us Knucklebones to play with and she gave cards to Pepe and the other people who didn’t want to play Knucklebones. We played Knucklebones and waited for the other schools to come so we could start performing.

Before we started to perform we had a warm up. We had to listen to this lady who told us to clap and then we had to listen carefully to what she was saying because we didn’t know what to do. After when the lady told us to sit quietly while she gave the microphone to this other lady who was going to sing with us.

We had to sing 17 song to our parents and all the people in the audience. My favorite song was ‘Talk to the Animals’ because two other people were dress like animals and it was funny because one animal was going to the kids and wiggling his bum near their faces.

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