Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why did Jesus do these things?

He went up a mountain and prayed.
Jesus look after us and the people
who died and the sick people.

He made a man see.
He healed a girl. He made Lazarus rose from the dead.
He taught us the our father. He took care of kids. He teached people.
He spent 40 days and night in the desert.

Jesus looked after us.
Jesus washed the disciples feet.
Died for our sins. Died for us.
He died for our sins. He died for people’s sins.

Why did Jesus do these things?
-Because He loves us.
-Because he Is the Son of God.
-Because God the father take care of us and he was taking God’s place on earth and taking care of us.
-So we can be like him.
-For our sin.

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