Thursday, February 12, 2015

Holiday recount

One sunny summer day, my church and I decided to go to the beach. The beach was called Shakespeare beach it was at North Shore, Whangaparaoa. It took us an hour to get there, we all went on a bus. When we got there we unpack our staffs, after that we went for a swim. We swim for a couple of hours and then we went and ate, after eating we head back to the beach to swim again. The water was nice and it was refreshing, massive waves. Watching the waves coming toward us reminds me of Piha, we got out of the sea when it was 7:00. We got change to our warm dry clothes and then we went and pack our staffs to head back home. We took selfies and done some video stars, we got home at 8:00 and then we went for a proper shower. We unpacked our staffs and put it back to where it belongs, we ate again and then we fell asleep. It was amazing, I can’t wait to go on our camp on april.

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