Monday, March 30, 2015

Hokule'a arrives at New Zealand

Bushes blocking the path when we were trying to walk to Pt England Reserve, cars driving past us feels like it was having a race. Rubbish floating on the river feels like nobody cares about making our property clean and fresh. Students walking and sweating feels like they were gonna melt like chocolate. Finally reach Pt England was like we have made it to Heaven. Sat down on the tarpaulin and resting feels like we were sitting on the soft clouds. People taking photos of the waka feels like they were taking photos of someone special. Students singing and doing the haka feels like they were welcoming Jesus Christ.

Everybody welcomed the waka people by doing a haka and singing songs, the maori’s blew their horn and then sang their maori song to welcome them. A lot of people were taking photos and recording, Pt England was filled up with ten schools. Each school had 4 leaders to represent them, the 24 leaders lead us with every song and haka.

Every school came down to the shore to hi five the people who came on the waka. Everybody hi five the people who came on the waka and then went to the field and sat in their school, everybody went and had a picnic and went and play some schools went back to school like St Pius X Catholic School.

Some schools walked back to their school but some came in a bus when we were going back to school, we were walking until one of the teachers came running to us and told us that their is one bus left. Everybody was happy because they were tired, so we hopped inside the bus and went back to school.

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