Wednesday, May 13, 2015

First Swimming Lesson

“Four people at a time” said our instructor Pam. Two instructor was inside the pool waiting for four people to go inside the pool.

One instructor was name Joseph and the other instructor was name Emma. Joseph was the instructor for group 1 and Emma was the instructor for group 2.

Pam was the main instructor, she was the one telling us what to do when we are out of the pool.

Joseph was my instructor, he was teaching us how to float. Joseph was really good at teaching us how to float, he was amazing.

Firstly Joseph teaches us how to do the dolphin crawl, it was difficult and fun at the same time. The dolphin crawl was very hard because we had to keep our hand straight up and keep it between our ears.

Secondly Joseph teaches us how to float, we had to lay on our back and face up. Joseph told us if we were sinking then we had to breath out so our stomach can stick out.

We had 3 more minutes and then we get out of the pool and then the next class comes in. Everybody started swimming and then it was time for us to jump out. We had so much fun swimming, hopefully tomorrow is gonna be like today.        

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