Friday, July 31, 2015

Warriors Visit

“Today we had a special guest,” speaks Mr Coakley.
“They are from the Warriors,” Mr Coakley added.
“David, Ken please come and introduce yourself,” Mr Coakley speaks again.

“For breakfast I had scrambled egg with toast,” speaks David Bhana.
“For breakfast I had weet bix with bacon and egg,” speaks Ken Maumalo.
“Let’s play a game, let’s see who is gonna win some prize,” speaks David.

We played a game, where we have to guess the card. Ken went first, he had to try and guess his card. His card was a broccoli, after Ken it was David’s turn. David’ card was a mango, when David finally finished they had to pick some of the students. David and Ken picked 6 students from St Pius X, when we finish playing the guessing game we played touch. The boys got some prize from Ken and David, the prizes was a Warrior bottle and a rugby ball.

Before David and Ken left we asked them some questions, when we finish asking them questions we took photos with Ken and David. My experience of meeting Ken and David are amazing, awesome, lovely, funny, best day. Ken and David were amazing and awesome, they drink 3 litres of water everyday. They have to be fit and eat a lot of healthy food, Ken and David and the rest of the Warriors only eat junk food one day a week.

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