Wednesday, November 18, 2015


The day of Sailing had finally arrived. We had just arrived at Kohimarama just in time to start our session . My class had the opportunity to participate in a program named Sailing , Have A Go! Before sailing we had set up the Yacht.  After preparing the Yachts, we rolled it down to the beach. Our task was to reach the tilly out at sea.

Our instructor was Reuben, he helped us with our sailing, he gave us tips about sailing.  My partner was Valenisia, she was heavier than me. She wasn't allowed to lean back or else the boat will sink.  Going with her was funny and loud, she was controlling the wheel and I was controlling the ropes.  Controlling the ropes was fun, because all I had to do was to pull the ropes so the boat can go fast.

“Hurry up and get changed girls!” shouted Mr Slade. “I am finally finished” I thought to myself as we walked out of the trailer. We all hopped into the car exhausted and tired, and headed back to school.

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