Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Basketball Session 1

On a lovely day after morning tea it was 11am we had basketball we got really to go to the count. We had two line so we can get really to go. When we got there we sat down so the coach can come and tell us the rules and his name and his friends name. One coach name was Dwayne and the other one name was Bruce.

One coach was on lakes and one from bulls. They was so good at playing we try our best and we all did well. Then one of the coach told me and four other people to stand up and go to the yellow line and stand there. Then he told us listen to the number I give to you and hold it up. So we did what he told us.It was 1-5 I was number 3. We had teams and names for our groups. One group was named lakes and the second group was bulls and the third one was breakers the four ones was giants our last one was power rangers. Then we had to challenge. Our first game was dribbling relay it was fun and cool.

Our second game was dribbling cone we had to dribbling the ball to the colour of our cone and put it upside down it was an nice game. Our last game was run and shoot we had to run with the ball and shoot it in the hoop. Then the coach told us to come and and sit down because the other class was coming to play basketball. We had a lovely day playing basketball.

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