Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Holiday Recount

On a lovely day we had church stuff to do. When we got there we ate some yummy food then we went outside and play until this lady come and started our game.  

The first game we played was touch. Our second game was hopping in the rubbish bin bag, it was funny and cool. Our third game was tag-war, it was pretty hard for the girls. Our fourth game was racing, i was three girls and three boys. Who-ever came first they had to get an egg and crack it on the people that came second, it was so fun.

Our last game was water balloons, it was amazing me and my friend were chasing my brother and throwing the water balloons at him and the water balloon was cool. After that, when we are going home I went and wet the lady that told us the game to play and she said ”Who was that?” then she looked back “it was me” I said. She said ”You cheeky little girl” and I just laughed and went into the van and got ready to go back home and have a warm shower and then sleep.That was the best day ever.

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salote said...

I enjoyed playing water balloon and racing and who ever comes second the boys have to crack the eggs on our head it was fun. I found hard to run and throw the water balloon at my brother. Next time I will try my best to run and catch my brother.

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