Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lego Story

In 1932 in Billund, Switzerland, there was a man who was named Oli. He had a wife and they had 4 sons. Oli’s wife sadly died but Oli still continued to work because he wanted to get money for his sons. The next day, Oli started making wooden toys so he could sell them and get food for his sons. Oli and his son, Godfrey made more toys like houses or toys to sell. Godfrey and his father Oli were very happy that they were getting money and they were buying lots of food.

Eventually, Oli decided to make a name. He found out that Leg Godt meant playing well. He didn’t want to do that because he wanted a small word so he called it Lego and that is why Lego is called Lego.

From then on, he started making plastic bricks and soon that made bricks that children could build their own designs. Oli later died and Godfrey was left alone, but he didn’t give up. Godfrey carried on and he had an idea of making an airport and he did. After that, he decided to make an amusement park called Lego Land and so he did.

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