Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What is Blogging?

(1) How many blogs are there in the world? In the world there is 5000.000 blogs in the world.

(2) What is a blog? A blog is like a personal diary, and also
a blog can also give your own opinion.

(3) What does Collaboration mean? Collaboration mean the act of working with another or others on a joint project.

(4) What does link mean? link mean a connection between thing or people.

(5) Name 4 blogging platforms. The 4 platforms are Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter, MySpace.

(6) What are the 3 blog categories and what do they do? The 3 blog categories are My Photoblog,Vlog and Mp3 blog.


illaisaane said...

Good work Salote I really like how you writ in full sentences. I really like the photo on you writing.

Ana said...

Well Done Salote. You sure do know about blogging. Maybe next time, you could change the colour of your answer so that your readers can see your answers better. Keep up the great work:-)

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