Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catholic School Day

What a lovely sunny day today. We heard the bell rang and everyone came running to the front and lined up to get ready for school. The teachers spoke to us and told us that another school is coming and the name of the school was St Joseph, they came from Orakei. St Joseph came over to our school to celebrate the Catholic School Day.

We had morning tea early because the mass was at 11:00. After morning tea we came inside and did some maths stuff. Then the whole school came out and lined up and we went to the church and sat down on the chairs and waited until St Joseph came. When St Joseph came they came with their priest. The priest’s name is Father Terry and he was the main father because Father Ioane let him. After the mass Mrs Tui came up and told us what class we are going to be with. My class went with room 1, that was the year 6 & year 5’s, St Joseph only have 5 class they don’t have room 7 and year 8’s, only year 0 to year 6. But thats okay because they had lots of cultures, not just palagi people.

My buddy’s name was Siva Mena she was a Samoan. She was kind and funny she was from room 1(Room 1 is the highest class they don’t do it in order like us). Siva was head girl that means she was the leader of the school her and her best friend was the head leader. Siva is from St Joseph school (a school from Orakei). My buddy Siva gave me a badge and it says Catholic School’s Day 2013 St Josephs and Saint Pius X.  

Later on we had lunch with them and we asked them questions about their school and their prayer is the same as our prayer. After we had lunch with them we went to the hall and shared songs.  St Joseph sang Count On Me by Bruno Mars and Room Seven from Saint Pius sang I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. After that St Joseph girls and some boys came up and did kapa haka and it was fun. When they finished room 7 came up and sang a song they made up song. When they finished room 3 from St Pius came and did their cup song and when they finished Saint Pius sang an African blessing song.

When it finished some people from St Joseph came and said some things and the teacher came and said some speeches and two girls came up and held a board and it says Living the life of Treasure. They all signed their name on it and the teachers names and they put feathers on it, different colour feathers. Having the St Joseph kids was fun and cool we took some photos of them and their buddies and some of the teachers.

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