Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My mum description

My mum is tall and she has short black hair, she loves her work. I love my mum because she is so careful with what to do. My mum is so special to me because every time I am stuck on my homework she helps me or else she tells me to go to my big sister.

My mum sometimes likes KFC but she likes cooking the best. My mum loves cooking but when she is tired she tells my big sister to cook what she likes. Every time Tonga vs. New Zealand she always says Go Tonga. My mum likes going to Tonga because she always wants to go and see her little sister and her kids. Also she wants to see her country.  My mum likes vegetables because she always wants to eat vegetables for her lunch and dinner. My mother doesn't like doing dishes because she always gets tired.

My mother irons my clothes in the morning, makes me some breakfast. She always reminds me what is good and what is not good. She always loves me and always reminds me to be careful at what I am doing also she tells me to study hard.I love my mother because she is so special to me and she is an awesome mother. She guided me when I was little and now I am 10 she still guides me. I love my mother so much, she is a brave mother and I am proud to have her as my mother.

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