Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hola's Holiday

Telling your holiday:On the holidays Hola stayed home and helped her mum clean the house and do her chores. On Saturday she went to her brother and sister’s house. They watched Alvin and the Chipmunks 3, Hola’s niece came over to her house and they played and it was fun and great. Hola and her twin sister found 2 kittens in the rubbish bin one was in the blue rubbish bin and the other kitten was in the red rubbish bin. One of the kitten’s colour was ginger and the other kitten colour was black and white. Hola and her twin got the kitten and went and wash the kitten so they can be clean. Also Hola’s twin sister went to the hospital because her eye was hurt and it began to boil. It was cool because she got to eat her breakfast and dinner and one of her nieces went down to the ground to play on the playground and it was amazing. After that Lollipops radio came over to my sister’s room and played with us and had  Mcdonalds.

Highlights:Hola’s highlight was when her family came and visited her twin sister at the hospital because it feels like a big happy family is back together.

Lowlights:Staying at home doing nothing and doing something like cleaning up the house.

Your dream holidays:Going on a vacation to Hawaii and America, Las Vegas and to New York and every other city she hadn't been to also to Tonga.

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tokilupe said...

Wow Salote, This is a very good holiday from Folauhola and that was right I was in the hospital but it better now.... Nice recount holiday recount about Folauhola. Next time try put them in big text so it can be easy to read. Gracias Bye! :)

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