Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Story

All about me :-)

Hi my name is Salote, I'm ten and I have three brothers and three sisters. My brothers names are Tony, Salesi and Vili. My sister’s names are Mele, Nehusita and Pelenatita and my parents names are Manu(mum) and  Finau(dad). I go to a awesome school, St Pius X Catholic School. My favourite food is pork spare ribs and Tongan food. My favourite drinks are water, soft drinks like fanta, sprite, coke and other types of soft drink. I like listening to music and watching the news because I want to know what has happened and why it happened.

My hero :-)
My hero is my family because they always support me and always cheer me up when I am sad or mad. They help me with my homework when I am stuck, they are always on my side. I look up at my family because they are there for me all the time. My family are the best because they are there for me all of the time.

My future :-)
In my future I want to work hard to get a really good job. I want to be a songwriter and to be a successful person because I want my siblings to look up to me. I want to work at the cinemas because if the new movies come out I want to see them straight away. I want to work really hard because I want to help other people.

My Surrounding :-)
I want a big house like a two story house, I want a swimming pool, a big one. I want a Lamborghini car and a Labrador dog because they look cute. I want an imac and an Ipad and a Samsung galaxy s4 phone because Samsung galaxy s4 is really fun and it’s cool. I want a ps3 and a ps4. Also I want a controllable ipad and a flat screen that you can just remove it by using your hand.

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