Friday, August 28, 2015

Cross Country 2k15

“Get ready, Get Set and Go,” says Manu.
Year 0, 1 and room 4 ran as fast as they could. Geckos coming first, Tui’s coming second, Kiwi coming third and Keas coming last. That’s what the others thought but actually it kinda turned out the other way around.

Year 8 and 7 up, it was my turn to run. It was tiring, we were running like their were no more tomorrow. Everyone was huffing and puffing. 2 rounds and a half was exhausted, I couldn't take it anymore. Stitches on my stomach, legs dying, mouth dried, everything looks like their is no more tomorrow.

Tei coming first for the year 8 boys, Justin coming second for the year 8 boys, Frank coming third. Hola coming first for the year 8 girls, Lupe coming second, myself coming third, Catherine coming fourth.

Now it was time to do the chants, Kiwi went up first, Tui’s were second, Geckos were third and Keas were last. Tui’s won the chant competitions. Kiwi won the cross country 2k15, it was a good experiment for the Kiwi’s because it was their first time winning an school sport activity.

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