Friday, August 21, 2015

Underwater Sea Visit


Down the stairs all the way to Scott’s Huts copy room. Scott’s Hut’s copy room looks exactly like his house at Antarctica. His house looks amazing, imagine if we lived there in the freezing cold weather.  

Kelly Tarltons got it’s name from a man called Kelly Tarlton. He died in 1985, he died in his sleep. The reason why they named it after him was because he was known for diving and archaeology.

Kelly Tarltons is an amazing place, it looks big when you're inside and it looks small when you’re standing outside. We visited the Penguins first, then the Sting Ray. There were 3 short tail Sting Ray and they were called Phoebe.

The Stingrays were massive and Intelligent. The Stingrays weighed around 200lbs. Cathy was the person who feed the Stingrays, she feed them with little squids. After that we headed off to the Shark tunnel.

In the Shark tunnel there were School Sharks, Broadnose Shark, Sand Tiger, Wobbegong Shark, Sea Turtle and many more. Shark time was over and it was time to go and see the Seahorse and the Sea Dragon.

Seahorses and the Sea Dragons were pretty amazing, it takes a millisecond for a Seahorse to eat one shrimp. Sea Dragons were long and thick, they were beautiful creatures. A minute after watching the Seahorses and the Sea Dragon it was time to head to the classroom and do some activities.

From time to time we all had fun and enjoyed every minute we spent at Kelly Tarltons. It was time to head back to school, I loved every creature they were beautiful and amazing.

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