Saturday, June 2, 2012

Howick Historical Village

At Howick Historical Village my favorite part was when we went and did the Scavenger Hunt. We had to go with a big person because we might get lost. Me and my group went with Andrew.

We went to a house that had a room but it was locked but the room inside was nice and there was a doll on a baby bed. We then went to the next house, when I went inside I got scared because there was a girl standing but it was fake. We saw lollies but we were not allowed to take the lollies. We went and climbed the stairs and when we got there we saw toys. We played with the toys.

The next house had an iron. The iron had to be picked up and you take something from the back of the iron and put it next to the fire and then put it back to the iron it was fun. We then went to the next house, it was a tent. Andrew told us that the parents slept on the bed and the kids slept on the bottom on the grass. So at the tent we found toothpaste and a toy car, it was fun.

When the bell rang we had to go back to the house that we came from, we went the same time as Miss G and her group. The lady asked Miss G “How many have you found”. Miss G replied “We found 6 things”. Then the lady asked us how many we found “We found 8 Modern things” Yes, we won the scavenger hunt.

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