Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Orienteering Week 1

On Wednesday the 30th May Mr McGivern and Irene came to room 3 to talk to the class about Orienteering. He talked to the class and showed the class some of the equipment that is used in Orienteering. Mr McGivern explained to the class how to have a small game of Orienteering inside room three. Small pieces of paper, called controls, were put around the room and the
room 3 students had to find them using a map on the whiteboard to help them, then write down the letter that was on the paper. When all the letters had been collected the class had to work out the mystery message. 

Room 3 went to the field with Mr McGivern and Irene. Mr McGivern drew a map for room 3 then room three went off to find the mystery message. The controls was everywhere, it was easy to find it. The controls was around the field, the students looked on their map it will say 1 (A) then it said next to a tree or building. If they went past the controls they were not allowed to go back because if they did the person that went back will be out so if you go past it go around then come back to it.  

When they finished it the word was backwards it said 'HAVE A NICE DAY'.

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