Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pigeon Impossible

Plot: There was a pigeon and a secret agent his name was Walter Beckett. He was crossing the road and cars were coming and he didn’t run he just went side to side and he nearly got crushed from the cars. When he walked he went to a tree and got a suitcase and went and sit down on a chair and ate his donut. When he bit the donut a pigeon came and stood next to him and looked at the donut. The secret agent picked off a little and then threw it to the ground so the the pigeon could go away but the pigeon want the whole donut. So the pigeon went closer to Walter to get the whole donut. But Walter didn’t give it to the pigeon because he was hunger as well so the pigeon went inside Walter’s suitcase and pressed all of the buttons and did not know that he was shooting it at people and chasing them. When he pressed a button this lid opened and a red button showed and the pigeon was pressing it but it didn’t work then he sawed the screen of the suitcase Walter was holding the donut on his hand and going to drop it in the burning car. When the pigeon put the gun and the bomb away and went down and open the suitcase lid and fly and stand on the edge of the suitcase and saw Walter coming closer and closer he went back inside the suitcase and press the bomb to shoot to Walter and tell Walter to move back Walter said”do you want the donut.” Walter throw it to the sky and the pigeon standard there and looked up top and Walter move him away from the suitcase and standard up touch his shoulder while the donut came down and land on the red button. When Walter heard a noise he looked what was it then he sawed it was the rocket flying up the air and he sawed the man that  give the suitcase to him looking at the rocket and looked at him. Walter used his suitcase like a car and fled up the air and the pigeon came flying to Walter and try and get the donut. The pigeon came a land on the suitcase and looked at Walter with his anger face Walter press the button to shoot the pigeon but it couldn’t shoot at the pigeon then get got the bomb to shoot at the pigeon. The pigeon was scared and looked at Walter and Walter open the suitcase and the donut flyed up the air and went down and the pigeon followed the donut to the ground and Walter shoot the bomb to the rocket and then came back down and looked at the pigeon eating the donut and trying to move the donut back. Walter put on his glasses and went away then the part of the rocket came down and land on the pigeon and the pigeon was dead.  

Problem: The pigeon wanted Walter’s donut but Walter didn’t want to give the pigeon the whole donut to the pigeon. Walter throw the donut to the air and came back down and land on the button of the rocket.

Solution: Walter got back his suitcase from the pigeon, Walter stopped the rocket from going to Russie.

Your opinion of the story: I liked this move because it funny and nice and how the pigeon wanted the donut.

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